HF 4 x 6 Replacement Bandsaw Stand

The Completed Stand.

Saw in the vertical upright position.

The stand is made from 1" Aluminum Square Stock. Steel would be stronger by I didn't have access to a welder. I welded the aluminum with ALUMALOY (Yeah the stuff you see on infomercials at 1 in the morning.) Don't laugh it works, I use it on a lot of projects.

Here is the coolant system at work. It's only running water right now as a test. I bought some coolmist 77 to use as a flood type coolant but haven't mixed any up yet. The pump is a 180 gph Fountian Pump I bought for $4.00 from The Electronic Goldmine (item # G14848) It's running full bore in that picture.

I used a 1/4" Barb fitting to attach the hose to the pump. I had to turn a few thou. off of the threads so it fit in the pump, I ended up taking a little to much off so hose clamp holds the fitting on the pump.

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