My Work Shop
This is my Work Shop. It's the reason I haven't worked on any of my Rov's in such a long time, I've been setting it up all summer and its almost done. (well is any home project ever done really?) I still have a few things to finish such as a few missing doors and drawers on the bench and I need to finish the floor which probably won't get done until next year.

This was a rendering done in 3DS when I was trying to figure out how I wanted the layout of my shop to be.
This is the business end of my shop where all the fun stuff happens. As you can see it needs some finishing touches still. I have about 22 feet of bench top, which in planning looked good but it fills up fast. The bench also has a built in vacuum system with 4 ports. These are a few of the Machining tools I've bought over the last year. I had to part with a lot of stuff on ebay to afford it but they were worth it in the long run.
This is my MicroLux 7 x 14 Mini Lathe. I hope to turn out some nice Rov parts on this. And you have to have a Mill to go with the Mini Lathe so is my Micro Lux Mini Mill.
I draw most of my plans on the computer so I put my old computer out in the shop so I can reference files as I build.
And last but not least a Vertical / Horizontal Band saw with custom stand with built in reciprocating coolant system. (Click picture to see more)
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