Seafox Retrofit Frame

This is what the Original Seafox Frame looked like before the Retrofit started.

The first thing I did was open up the front of the Frame to make room for the new Manipulator and Camera Mount. The Buoyancy Pods where also moved further outward on the Frame.

I also added a PVC Snap T fitting onto one of the side vertical frame supports, this will be the Mount for the Lateral Thruster.

Next a fresh coat of paint so the modified Frame parts all match.

The Milk Crate Base Plate is reattached with new Zip Ties.

The Skids are attached to the Frame with two Stainless Steel Screw.

The Seafox Frame is a wet frame, instead of trying to seal all of the PVC fittings, holes are drilled through out the Frame to allow it to fill with water. It's easier to do a wet frame than to try and seal it and figure out where leaks are later if you have Buoyancy issues. I do believe the water in the Frame adds to the Mass of the Rov though.

Here is the completed frame minus the Base Plate and Flotation Pods. The Frame is made with 1/2" PVC Pipe and Fittings and the Skids are 1" Pipes w/Caps. The overall Frame measures L=14 x W=14 x H=8.

When reinstalling the Buoyancy Pods I put some Teflon tape on the screws that hold the Pods onto the Frame. When I took the pods off I noticed they had a small amount of water in them, hopefully the tape will help. In retrospect drilling into the Buoyancy Pods to mount them probably wasn't the best way to do it.

I also decided to add some Rubber Feet to the Frame to protect it from getting all scratched up. I stuck the stick on Rubber Feet to some stainless steel washers and then screwed them to the bottom of the Frame.

The Feet work good and also keep the Rov from sliding of my bench or around in the bottom of my boat.

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