Seafox Retrofit Control

Control of the Seafox is accomplished with the use of Relays. These Relays consists of two 225 ohm coils and two sets of contacts, this allows for both forward and reverse with one Relay which saves space.
Here is the Data Spec sheet for this Relay it can be purchased from the Electronics Goldmine Item Number : G14951

I use a total of 6 of these Relays (4 for the thrusters and 2 for the manipulator/tilt) and 1 standard SPDT 5A Relay which will be for Auxiliary Lighting. I tape all the Relays together which will later be sealed in a plastic project box.

This is the wiring for main power for the Thrusters and Lights.

Next I wired the common positive wire for the Relays Coils.

Then I wired in the Tether, which is a 16 gauge pair for power and all the 24 gauge control wires for the Relays.

I attach a zip tie around the Tether wires for strain relief.

Here I drilled the 8 holes for the thruster wires.

Each pair of Thruster wires are inserted and soldered to the corresponding Relay.

Here is the finished wiring for the Control Box on the Rov which will now be filled with Wax to seal everything up. If you are going to go the wax route you need to make sure your relays are a sealed type relay or wax will leak into them and they will no longer work because they are mechanical.

To seal up the Control Box I start with a little silicone around the exit holes. This isn't to keep water out but to keep the melted wax in while it cools.

The wax I used is just from some cheap table candles.

I chop up the candles and remove the wick and then place the pieces in a bag made for melting wax.

The bag of wax is then submerged in a pot of boiling water.

After several minutes the wax is completely melted and is ready to be poured into the control box.

I use a paper funnel to help pour in the melted wax and keep it from spilling all over the place.

Here the Control Box has completely been filled and is left to harden.

The top of the wax will cool first but I left it overnight just be sure the entire thing was hardened.

The next day after it was hardened I dug out the screw holes and around the edge and for the cover.

Another pair of zip ties secures the Control Box to the Base Plate.

This is the basic hook up for the Relays I used.

This is a rough diagram of the wiring for my Control Box on the Rov. (Click the image to enlarge)

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