Seafox Manipulator

The manipulator for my Seafox was hacked from a Radio Shack Armatron toy. It's just a basic claw with open and close function, which is accomplished buy means of a motorized planetary gearbox. The gear box is sealed in the same type of housing I designed for my Stinger Thrusters but this one has an actual seal on the shaft.

Unfortunately the first time I took the rov out with the manipulator it turned out I forgot to put Teflon tape on the treads of the plug to the housing and it filled with water and which caused me all kinds of buoyancy problems. I forget to dry the motor out and unlike the small radio shack motors I use in my camera mount this one rusted up solid and has to be replaced. Live and learn I guess.

This was the motor and planetary gearbox which I bought from MicroMark. It has 14 different gearbox combinations which can provide complete output speed range from 13.8 to 6,560 rpm. I might try using one of these for a thruster motor in the future.

This is the completed manipulator and housing for the Seafox. It can be attached or removed in minutes from the rov with the use of zip ties, power is hooked to 2 bolts running through the housing seen to the right at the end of he housing. While its a fun add on is not very practical on the Seafox seeing as its not a very powerful rov to being with.

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