Seafox Controller & Tether

The Controller for my Seafox was made from 2 arcade joysticks, a few other simple switches, and a project box. Control is still basic on/off for the thrusters using the 2 sticks and the other 2 switches control the tilt for the camera and open/close of the manipulator.

I use one joystick for steerage and the other for depth control. I set one joystick up so it's mounted 45 degrees off center, this way pushing forward turns 2 switches at once which turns on 2 thrusters at once. Pushing the stick to the left would be make the Rov strafe left, while pushing Diagonal are turn left and right.

The Tether consist of the camera cable and phone wire for power for the thrusters. Everything was wrapped with a spiral wire warp and I cut up foam pipe insulation and wired it onto the tether to keep it neutral buoyant (which turns out the pipe insulation doesn't really hold its buoyancy.)

This is far from being perfect because the wires are not really protected and could be severed by anything sharp during a dive.

Connections from the tether to the Rov are connected in a project box on terminal strips and then the box is filled with wax to seal everything.

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