Seafox Camera

The Camera for my Seafox is a Underwater IR Camera with 60 foot cable. I believe it was made by Sony, I bought a few of them off ebay years ago. I went with this set up for a number of reasons. Being one of the most expensive piece of equipment on the rov I went with a true underwater camera so I didn't have to make an underwater housing that could fail and ruin the camera. I also went with the Infrared one so I didn't need external lights which would also need housings and more power cables running through the tether.

This is the Tilt Camera Mount I made for the Seafox ROV. Construction was pretty simple, the frame is made from Plexiglas and uses a small Radio Shack motor and two small gears to turn a threaded rod which is connected to the back of the camera which is housed in a 1-1/4" PVC coupler. The Camera is free floating inside this coupler, It can't be seen in the picture but inside the coupler is a metal ring in which the camera slides in and out on.

The motor on this mount is Not waterproof, I run the motor exposed to the water. The motor is an inexpensive 380 type motor I found at radio shack. It has been used for years and its still working.

This is a 3D image to show a better example of how things work.

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