Pressure Testing Chamber

This is the Pressure Chamber I made to test some of the pieces I make. I can achieve about 95 PSI with a standard garden hose. This simulates a depth of a little over 200'.

The chamber is made for 4" PVC pipe and is rated to a little over 200 PSI which is far more than I'll ever need or take it too. I can fit about a 12" x 4" long object inside.

I recently added a valve on the end cap for the pressure chamber, this allows me to release all of the air out of the chamber while I'm filling it with water and also to release the pressure after a test before trying to remove the end cap.

Warning Disclaimer - I don't suggest trying to make one of these yourself.

A pressure chamber can explode causing serious injury or death. (PVC pipe tends to shatter into small splinters or shrapnel when it explodes and not all PVC is pressure rated.

NEVER pressurize PVC pipe with air, hydro-testing (water) is the only way it should be done. If you don't know what that means DON'T TRY IT, PERIOD.

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