New Main ROV Housing

This is a 3D Rendering of a new housing for a future Rov. It will house the Camera, Control Board, Relays and Maybe a Battery for on board power.

Exploded view of the pieces.

Here are a few of the piece in Raw form of the parts that will make up the Main housing. The first piece it a 4" Dia. Piece of PVC pipe for the main body. The second piece will be for the dome mount. It will be cut and turned down on the lathe. The next two pieces are simple end caps for the rear. The next piece will also be turned down on the lathe to form the dome ring. The last 2 pieces are the Dome Seal and the Dome itself.

This is the Dome Mount after a considerable amount of the original piece has been removed on the lathe.
Just another mock up of what the finished dome and mount will look like, minus the dome ring. I still have to drill and tap all the holes in the dome and mount. It will be affixed with sixteen 2/56" screws.

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