Links to Other Homebuilt Rov Sites and Suppliers


Stone Middle Schools - Nautilus Rov

Doug Jackson's - Bob Rov - New Link

David Schneider's Rov

Jon Hylands - Microseeker UAV

Lego Rov (PFD File)

Fishcam Rov    

Sam Hanie's Rov    

Gabiel Garcia's Rov/RcSub  (Not an ROV but close) - Webpage Translated from Spanish  

Florida Institute of Technology "Sponge Bob" Rov 

Florida Institute of Technology "Hornet" Rov 

Florida Institute of Technology "Hornet 2" Rov 

Aquaticus Rov's

SEAPERCH Online Builders Manual by MIT  Build your own Simple Rov

Jason Rollette's Rov

Jason Rollette's 2ND Rov

Jason Rollette's Rov in Popular Science 

Jetsub Rov  

Jeff's Rov  (An interesting design)

ROVing Otter  

Tony's Rov  

Revision3 - Systm ROV  (Episode 22 video) They give my site a plug sort of, I think the meant the Robotrov Forum)

Rov in a Bucket (PFD File) Courtesy of

Alex's ROV's 123  

Curtis Schur's Seafox Rov  

Rov in a Box  (Everything you need to in one box to build a basic Rov for under $250.00)

Advanced Seaperch ROV  


Cal Poly ROV Project  

Björn's ROV-Blog  - Webpage Translated from German

Amedeo's ROV - Webpage Translated from Italian

Hilsen's Rov  

MBARI's Rov Step by Step Good basic design, looking at the video it has some buoyancy issues that could easily be fixed.

Leonard Whistler's Rov Page

Andreas Knabbe's   - Webpage Translated from German

Unknow German Rov Site?   - Webpage Translated from German

Another Unknow German Rov Site?   - Webpage Translated from German

T-Bot Rov  - Webpage Translated from ?????

ROAZ Autonomous Surface Vehicles - Something a little different.

David G. Iadevaia's Rov 

Justin McFarland's Squidlian Rov 

Markus Ito's Rov on Instuctables

Peter Neville's Speleo-ROV

Jesuit Robotics

Galatea Rov Webpage Translated from ?????

2007 Technical reports from Mate Competition Tons of great info and ideas.

2008 Technical reports from Mate Competition

2009 Technical reports from Mate Competition

2010 Technical reports from Mate Competition

2011 Technical reports from Mate Competition New  Added 6-12-12

Bob Martin's Rov

Nathan's Rov Blog

Matt's Rov

Daniel's Rov on Instuctables

HugoNutz Rov

Mike's Rov

Jimmy's Rov

Luke's Rov New  Added 6-12-12

Lars Roland's ROV New  Added 6-12-12

OpenRov Open Source Underwater Robots for Exploration and Education. New  Added 6-12-12

Rov Competition Sites

MATE - Marine Advanced Technology Education Center (International ROV Competition)

National Underwater Robotics Challenge  (Great Site with How To's, Videos, Ect.)

Parts Suppliers & Resources

Electronics Goldmine - All kinds of parts from Electronics, Motors, Domes, Etc. (I buy a lot from them)

All Electronics - Another big supplier of Electronics.

Digi-Key - More Electronics.

Global Plastics - Manufacture of Domes (haven't used them my self).

Harbor Models - Good selection of Propellers, both plastic and brass. (Great service too.)

Allied Electronics - Electronics, Ect. (Buccaneer Connectors)

Zagros Robotics - Robotic Products (Compass Sensors)

Happ - Supplier of Arcade Joysticks and Parts

Westcoastwords - You can get the "Build Your Own Underwater Robot And Other Wet Projects Book" here.

Apogee Kits - Electronic Kits and Tools (Velleman K8023, Ect.)

Robotshop - Parts, Motors, Controllers, Ect.

Supercircuits - Cameras, Ect.

FlexPVC - PVC Supplier, lots of unique fittings.

tornadoterrysdot - Great eBay seller - Supplier, of Happ arcade joysticks and switches. New  Added 06-26-09

Other Interesting Links

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