How To's

Sealing Wire Exit Holes

This drawing shows a typical way of sealing the wire exit holes in a PVC housing. Normally a hole is drilled in a PVC Plug or End cap, the wire is feed through the hole, and epoxy is then used to fill in the plug to seal around the wire.

The problem with this method is if the tether is damaged and the outer covering or even the jacket around the wires is cut the pressure can cause the water to flow into your housing though the inside of the jacket bypassing the epoxy seal.

A friend of mine (thanks Bill) showed me a easy way to still use the simple epoxy sealing method while over coming the problem of a damaged jacket. To start you need to strip the portion of the wires jacket that will be inside the plug.

The wires would then be fed through the hole in the plug, making sure none of the bare sections of wires are touching each other.

The plug is then filled with epoxy until the bare section of the wires is covered.

Now if your tether is damaged and the jacket around the wires is cut the epoxy around the bare wires should stop the water from entering your housing.

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