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Relay Wiring for the Electronically Challenged

This is sort of a step by step for the Electronically Challenged on how to wire up a basic control system using relays. I get quite a few e-mails asking on how to actually wire relays from people who don't understand most of the wiring diagrams that are out there on the internet. When starting out I too was electronically challenged and could never really understand everything when it came to reading wiring diagrams either (I still can't) so I thought I would try to show how to wire them with actual drawings of what wires go where. Hopefully these drawings will make sense as I have drawn them, in a nut shell they basically show point to point wiring of the wires soldered to the poles of the relays.

The first section shows a system using common DPDT Relays. (as see in my Control Options How To) this setup requires 2 relays for every thruster. The second section shows a system using a "H" Bridge Relay which only requires one relay per thruster saving space.

If you have any other questions I didn't cover feel free to E-mail me.

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