HBRD3 - Thruster Parts

These are just a few rough designs for thrusters, these were based off of my Stinger Design.

A few motors I have to test out. The big one is a Standard RS540 Can Motor and the smaller one is a Lnyxmotion GHM-07, its a 600 RPM geared motor.

These are a Plastic 3 blade, 50mm, 46 pitch Propellers made by Robbe. I bought a few left hand and a few right hand ones because I want to have counter rotating propellers on the 2 thrusters for forward / reverse. These where purchased from Harbor Models, they have a good selection of props, some nice brass ones to but I want to find the right prop combo before I spend the money on brass.

These are a few of the oil seals I have to try out as thruster shaft seals.

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