HBRD3 - Controller and Video Recording

This is the used laptop I found on eBay, it is a Dell D800 Latitude, it has a 2.0 Pentium M Processor with 1 gig of ram. This will serve as my main control and I will also record my dives with it.

Control will be accomplished via a program I am writing in Visual Basic Express. I had no prior programing experience but it wasn't to hard to figure out. So far I am able to control the Rov with the mouse (via the on screen buttons), the keyboard, or with the number pad seen below. I still need to figure out how it incorporate the video recording into my program, as of right now I just overlay the WinDVR software that came with the video capture card.

(Click the picture for a full screen shot (1250 x 750) of my program.)

I bought this laptop keypad to use as a remote joystick (so to speak) for two reasons first I don't want to get the laptop keyboard wet so this will keep my hands away if they get wet during launches and second it allows me to sit back from the screen which is easier and clearer at a distance.

I sanded off the original lettering and relabel the keys with dry transfer rub on letters. I still need to clear coat over them so they hold up from wear and tear.

This is the Smart TV PCMCIA Video Capture Card that allows me to plug my Rov's camera right into the laptop and record my dives. I found this on eBay for less than $40, it works better than I could have hoped for. I wasn't expecting much for the price because I paid twice as much for a video capture card for my desk top and the video was just garbage. With this card the video is nice and crisp on screen and even the record quality is great.

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