HBRD3 - Cameras

Video for this Rov will be sent over the Cat6 Cable using Video Baulns.

I haven't actually decided on what camera I'm going to use on this Rov yet but I bought two cameras from Supercircuits just to test out with the Video Baluns and the Baluns worked great.

This first camera was a B/W C -Mount Security Camera (PC242C-RTI) it came mounted with a 2 -12 mm zoom lense, and has 420 Lines of Resolution, 0.2 Lux, and 1/3 Sharp B/W CCD, it was only $33. The only problem is I couldn't get this one to work. I could just barely make out an image when I hooked it up so I gave up on this one and sent it back, plus it was pretty big it was about 7" long.

The second one I bought was just because it was cheap, This one is also a B/W CCD camera (PC302XS) but it's small, it also has 420 lines of resolution, and 0.01 Lux according to the sheet that came with it. This one was only $18.00 and this one works. I tested this one out through the video Baluns and was pretty surprised with the results. The video is crisp and the quality is nice, (this might make a good starter camera for the price) the only downside for some people might be that it has BNC connector not RCA, but they do make adaptors. This one will probably go on my Mule Rov when I finish it this year.

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